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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 21, 2013 - "The Other Son" (2012)

The first film of the Fall 2013 season, which will be announced early next week . . .
The Other Son, 2012
Director: Lorraine Levy
Origin: France
Languages: French | English | Arabic | Hebrew
Running time: 105 min

While preparing to enter the Israeli military for his compulsory service, young Joseph Silberg learns he was accidentally switched at birth with the son of an Arab couple from the West Bank -- a shocking revelation that sends both families reeling. (from

U.S. box office: $1,160,773
Watch the trailer at IMDB.

Review of the previous film (Starlet, 4 stars)
Steven says: This is a film about isolation - how we get there, how we remain there, how hard it is to reverse. In the midst of this are two women, a widow and a porn star (which it takes a while to realize) who find an unlikely friendship. It's sweet and frustrating, and even a little eye-opening.


  1. Well done film using a switched at birth plot device. Reminded me of the real life case of Carlina White/Netty Nance, who was snatched from a hospital at birth.

    Upon being reunited with her biological parents, Carlina White's attorney advised her to ask them about the cash settlement from the hospital. Joy White and Carl Tyson both confirmed that most of this money had been spent during the years before their reunion.[1] Joy White later stated that there had been a falling out over the issue of the money.[21]
    In May 2011, public defender Robert Baum said that he met Carlina White during preparations for Ann Pettway's trial and that White agreed to testify on Pettway's behalf.[22] By the following July, White became estranged from her biological parents. She continues to go by the name of Nejdra Nance; she said the issue over settlement funds was "just a misunderstanding".[1]

  2. I'm glad you liked it, Nick. It touched so many levels, it was hard to decide which one was the most important - religious, familial, heritage.