Showing independent and foreign films weekly on the Purdue campus. All screenings are subject to availability; we will make every effort to show the listed films as shown. We will update this list if/when changes need to be made.

The Fall 2016 Season runs September 2-December 16, 2016. All screenings but one for this season begin at 7:00 p.m. in Stanley Coulter Hall, Room 239, 640 Oval Drive. Parking is available in the University Street parking garage, on the Purdue University campus. (Screening on September 9 will be in Forney Hall, G124, 480 Stadium Mall Drive, parking in Northwestern Avenue garage.)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

April 3, 2013 - "Ju Dou" (1990)

Ju Dou, 1990

The first of three films we're screening from Chinese director Yimou Zhang.

Director: Yimou Zhang
Origin: Japan | China
Language: Mandarin
Running time: 94 min

In this romantic tragedy, Chinese director Yimou Zhang's visually sumptuous cinematography complements the sensual story line in which the abused wife (Gong Li) of a wealthy silk dyer (Li Wei) enters into an affair with her husband's nephew (Li Bao-tian). Arresting images, exquisite use of color and a classic yet complex plot combine for a richly satisfying drama that earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. (from

U.S. box office: $1,986,433 

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Read Yimou Zhang's biography from the New York Times.

Review of last week's film (Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, 3.5 stars)
Steven says: This is a movie of extremes -- extreme normalcy and extreme violence, though we only experiece the latter through secondhand reactions and storyline. Within those two extremes, two strangers thrown together figure out that their cultural differences can be overcome to create a friendship, and maybe more. Much of the cultural references are lost on non-Indian viewers, but the story is still worth the time to see additional perspectives on this centuries-old issue of clashing cultures.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 27, 2013 - "Mr and Mrs. Iyer" (2002)

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, 2002
Director: Aparna Sen
Origin: India
Languages: English | Tamil | Bengali | Hindi | Punjabi | Urdu
Running time: 120 min

Mrs. Iyer is traveling by bus to Calcutta to be with her husband. But a flare-up between Hindus and Muslim extremists closes the roads, and a curfew descends. While the riders are trapped on the bus, a gang of Hindus boards to ferret out any Muslims. Mrs. Iyer was brought up to believe that Muslims were inferior, but during the journey, she comes to realize that it's who a person is, not their religions, that's the defining factor. (from

Review of last week's film ("Oslo, August 31st", 4.5 stars)Steven says: It's a matter of perspective. Audiences may say depressing, but the director says, "the saddest moments in life still have beauty". I wanted badly for the main character to break free from what holds him back. His choices, as he foreshadowed, get the best of him, however. It's a nearly perfect film, with terrific and nuanced performances throughout, beautiful cinematography, and a couple of montage scenes that left me wanting more and similar observations. The director, Joachim Trier, is on a role in only his second feature film.

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 20, 2013 - "Oslo, August 31st" (2011)

Oslo, August 31st, 2011
Director: Joachim Trier
Origin: Norway
Language: Norwegian | English
Running time: 95 min

This psychological drama follows a day in the life of Anders, a recovering drug addict who travels to his old stomping grounds of Oslo for a job interview. While there, he must confront his past as well as his plans for a new life. (from

U.S. box office: $100,713
Watch the trailer on IMDB.